Saturday School

Saturday School

Our Saturday School program is offering your children a 2.5 hour (Half-Day) or 5 hour (Full-Day) weekend enrichment program where your child can learn through fun activities and action that gives children the opportunity to take an active role in their learning.

This program covers a wide range of learning areas such as Phonics Sounds, flashcards, pronunciation, Phrases, sentences, Vocabulary expansion, General English Activities to build listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. We focus on developing an active and healthy learning environment that sets the stage for inquisitiveness and delight in the process of learning.

[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] We offer an approach that integrates many learning arears while maintaining flexible and manageable structure. We promote natural learning approach such as allowing learning to flow with the child’s interests and natural curiosity about life. Our learning centers are carefully and thoughtfully designed to encourage creative investigation and exploration. We encourage children to make new discoveries, actively pursue their interest, ask questions, solve problems and develop a lifelong love of excitements for learning!

We provide flexible learning options for everyone to learn without boundaries and support our students in every modality of learning. Students learn structures through student-centered activities and apply them in practical situations.

We also encourage a balanced range of speaking, reading, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation activities to help students develop well-rounded language skills. Students learn structures through student-centered activities and apply them in practical situations. Students will be able to speak with native English speakers without translation difficulties!

This Program is open to all high level Kindergarten and Elementary school age students who have successfully completed an International Preschool Program and are at a level equivalent to (or higher than) our Preschool and Kindergarten Program. The program is also open to Heritage International School students who are of an advanced English level. Native English speaking children and Returnees from abroad are also welcome to join this course as a supplement to the child’s current schooling. Beginner level is also welcome!

Heritage International School focuses on developing an active and healthy learning environment that sets the stage for inquisitiveness and delight in the process of learning. Heritage International School system creates an environment in which children are free to develop their own skills and abilities. In the prepared environment, the children learn to explore and make their own discoveries about the world around them. It allows children opportunities for a broad range of social interaction.

Children are given freedom to develop according to their own needs and tendencies within particular limits. This freedom allows the child to develop independence, good working habits and self-discipline. Heritage International School felt that it was not enough simply to educate children in the area of academics but to educate them in the creation of a more harmonious way of life which teaches subjects including: Language, Culture, Social Skills Development, Critical Thinking, and communicating effectively with respect.

In this fully integrated curriculum, the student practices reading and writing skills. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, word study and reference skills are introduced upon mastering basic reading and writing. As an important part of the social skills curriculum (and as an introduction to classroom rules) the students are introduced to the skills of active listening and conflict resolution. Basic skills are demonstrated and examples practiced to offer the students appropriate choices to make in social situations that require cooperation, understanding and leadership.[/read]

Time Table

Weekly Schedule

  • Calendar: (Days of the week, months, year, weather and seasons)
  • Rhythmic: (Monthly Songs and Stretching)
  • Phonics: (ABC, 3 letter words, Sight Words, & flash cards games & activities)
  • Text Book: (Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling)
  • Monthly Theme activities.
  • Active Play: Rhythm, Balance, Coordination, and Movement
  • Snack / Break Time: The children are free to do what they want during this time.
  • Creative Writing: Letters, Paragraphs, Summary, Comprehension
  • Recess: Get ready to go home and sing the good-bye song.

Saturday School

  • Age : 3-12 years
  • Time : Sat. 9:00~11:30 or 14:00
  • Details : For details and fees, please contact us directly. TEL:0120-970-250

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