Kids English Conversation Class

3 reasons to start English in early childhood

・Children are able to absorb new things like a sponge.

・They can communicate with foreign teachers with ease.

・It is the first step toward continuous learning.

The earlier you start learning the three items above, the higher your learning rate will be. English is becoming a required subject, but it is not too late to start.

Infant Classes

Ages: From 1 1/2 years old to 6 years old

Day of the week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday ※ It is possible to choose your favorite day of the week.

Time: 10:00~11:30

There are classes once a week, and it is perfect for those who attend nursery schools and kindergartens, and it is difficult to attend the preschool course or to attend many times a week.


Acquire creativity and independence in a learning environment appropriate to the child’s developmental stage and field of interest


At first, you just imitate what the teacher is saying by repeating it, but soon you will be able to have a sentence conversation instead of a conversation with only words.

Colors, numbers, letters, shapes, simple expressions and conversations are acquired naturally.

Our goal is to get people interested in English, to have fun experiencing and liking English.

Lessons that engage toddlers with short concentrations using English books, puzzles, songs, activities, role-plays, phonics, three-letter word flashcards, and more.

Student-centered lessons rather than teacher-driven ones, in which traditional students become listeners.

By practicing conversation centered on phrases (idioms), you will acquire the ability to listen and speak.

Circle time that fosters the foundation of group activities and work time that emphasizes individual interests, etc., are well-balanced daily plans that take into account children’s life rhythms to foster independence and improve social skills.

Music & Movement (Music and Movement), Art (Creation), Story (Story), Group Games, etc.

From Instructor to Everyone

Why can’t most Japan people speak English for six years in junior high school and high school?

I think it is because there are few environments that require English conversation and there are no opportunities to speak English, and in English classes I do not practice listening and speaking much.

The level of English conversation ability that allows you to communicate with people from other countries will surely become a useful weapon when your child enters society in the future.

During this period when your child is learning early, please consider creating an environment where they can come into contact with English.

In a learning environment that matches the child’s developmental stage and field of interest, students acquire creativity and independence.

 It is a preparatory school based on the American early childhood education curriculum that aims to develop creativity and foster an ambitious learning attitude with the aim of experiencing interaction between children and playing in groups.

This is a special program for siblings and friends of members who can participate in regular preschool for a limited time.

Through fun play with foreign teachers, you will develop curiosity and confidence in English and learn international ways of thinking.

Why don’t you spend a meaningful time while having fun and learning in plenty of time?

I highly recommend it to everyone who is thinking of preschool (preschool class) from autumn.

There is no unreasonable solicitation. If you have any questions or concerns, we will answer them from time to time.

If you are satisfied with the actual experience, we will give you an application form with various expenses etc. filled in.